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Heritage Knives is a semi-custom Kukri/Khukuri knife & utility knife maker in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal focused on producing high quality blades for your use. We use exclusively new high carbon steel bars to forge. Our forging and knife making process combines traditional Nepalese and modern Western methods and techniques.


Gurkha History posts from SirKukri & Co. Blog: The International Gurkha Heritage Project –

The Chattri Memorial, The first Gurkha Commemoration site in the United Kingdom. The Gurkha of Krakow – Kumba Sing Gurung, 8th Gurkha Rifles. Polands only World War Two Gurkha Grave. The Memorial to the Brigade of Gurkhas, London.  Gouldens Gurkha Statue, ca. 1924, London, Dehradun, Varanasi & Gorakhpur. A debt of honour, Part 1 of …

Brief British Gurkha History.

GURKHA MILITARY HISTORY (British East India Company and British Army). Time line from the Gurkha Welfare Trust (UK) which we strongly encourage our readers and followers to support! Jai Gurkhas! Timeline: 1814 – 1816: Anglo – Nepalese War 1817 – 1818:  Pindari War 1845 — 1846: Anglo-Sikh War 1848 — 1849: Second Anglo-Sikh War 1857 — 1859: Indian Sepoy Rebellion 1878 …